Pelham Bay

Pelham Bay is a neighborhood in the north east end of the Bronx. Its boundaries are the: Pelham Parkway to the north, Bruckner Expressway to the east and south and, Hutchinson River Parkway to the west. The main thorough fares are: Westchester Avenue, Middletown Road, East Tremont Avenue and Crosby Avenue.

Popular Pelham Bay offers a varied and broad spectrum of recreation, entertainment and shopping opportunities throughout its boundaries and close by. There are lots of eateries & restaurants, shops & boutiques as well as nightlife to be found.

Main Atrractions, at the end of Middletown are, The renowned Pelham Bay Park which contains a variety of wide open spaces with walking trails and dog runs, the Rice Memorial Stadium, Tennis Courts & Baseball Fields, the Pelham Bay World War Memorial, the Pelham Bay / Split Rock Golf Courses, and Orchard Beach. There is also easy access to City Island.

Split Rock Golf Courses

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